Performance Management

 “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” – Peter Drucker.

Employee performance is linked to the degree to which staff is involved, feels appreciated and valued. Job satisfaction, organisational commitment and other positive behaviours drive optimum job performance.

Organisations have a burden to continually monitor and evaluate the degree to which they achieve objectives by putting in place metrics that are used as success indicators that everyone strives towards. That way an average output per worker can be determined so that above-average performance is rewarded and substandard performance is corrected in accordance to internal procedures.

STADI is a firm of behavioral scientists undergirded in staff development interventions. Our edge lies in the continuous study of human interaction in social settings. The workplace is a microcosm of these interactions. We pledge to help you and your team realise strategic success by benchmarking your practices against the world’s high performing organisations, whether in inception or advanced stage of growth, to stay abreast of the international competition and advancements.

Using our background of applied scientific approaches we will ensure that:

o   Organizational strategic objectives are clarified and communicated

o   Individual and group goals are aligned with organizational objectives

o   Individual and group performance is monitored and measured

o   Deviations are identified and reported early

o   Correct deviations by developing  action plans

o   Individual and groups are coached and mentored

o   Continuously review individual and group performance


o   Organizational processes and resources are reevaluated