Organizational Development

The dynamic nature of change in the contemporary world of work has the propensity to cause an upset to the established norms and standards of behavior in an organisation’s social system that make it efficient and effective to the disgruntlement of personnel. Too many contemporary organisations thrive on pyrrhic victory in tackling social issues of the organisation’s informal system. Pyrrhic victories are a type of victories that come at too great a cost to the victor.


STADI is comprised of a team of organisational development specialists, boasting a wealth of knowledge in the diagnosis, development and implementation of apt interventions as well as an overall evaluation of the process. We possess the technical know-how of handling data collection instruments through which knowledge is gained about our client’s unique behavioural challenges. That way you can be assured of the efficacy organisational development (OD) interventions employed from a plethora available at our disposal.  We advocate for an action research approach as an appropriate tool for interrogating deep-seated behavioural issues in the social system.