Legal Compliance

The employment relationship is a highly regulated activity in South Africa and consequently, organisations are obligated to adhere to the directives in the various labour statutes impacting this relationship. We assist our client organisations to adhere to statutory regulations by aligning their administrative activities to established labour laws. We do this by ensuring that minimum standards as required and monitored by different institutions of government are complied with. These include putting in place the following:


Employer/Employee Contributions to the fund.


BEE Scorecard alignment to business goals


Submission of Equity Plans/Report to the DOL by designated employer.


Submission of Workplace Skills/PIVOTAL Plan/Report to the SETA.


Employer Contribution to the fund.


Health and Safety Policy. Appointment of Health and Safety reps.

We facilitate the establishment and capacitation of various statutory and non-statutory committees:

Statutory committees:


Non-statutory committees

–        Health and Safety committees and representatives

–        Employment Equity Committee for designated employers

–        Training Committees – Employers with payroll exceeding R500K and employs more than 50 employees

–        Workplace forums


–        Remuneration committees

–        Selection Committees

–        Quality circles

–        Disciplinary committees