Labour Relations

The development of a corporate culture that produces a work climate conducive for optimal organisational performance remains a critical managerial function within the South African businesses. The strife should be for a more cooperative climate as opposed to adversarial and confrontational environments. This, in turn, allows for open communication channels and maximum staff participation and an environment conducive for best performance. This is the behavioralist approach that we, at STADI, subscribe to in managing the employment relationship.

Any system with human interaction, conflict and propensity for the commitment of infractions, especially through negligent or delinquent behavior, is inevitable. The South African labour law requires that companies utilise and exhaust internal processes to dealing with labour matters. This implores companies to have well-developed mechanisms, structures and capacity to lawfully apply internal procedures.  

It also impresses upon employers to implement prescribed procedures to ensure adherence to labour statutes. Our team of labour law experts are committed to help client organisations comply with regulations through:


  • Establishing recognition agreements with the majority Trade Union(s).
  • Developing/reviewing grievance/disciplinary code and policy
  • Capacitating union officials and managerial staff
  • Planning and preparing for disciplinary enquiries.
  • Chairing disciplinary enquiries.
  • Representing clients at CCMA/Bargaining Councils