Labour Relations

Notwithstanding the propensity for delinquent behavior in an employment relationship, the stringent nature of the South African labour statutes impresses upon organizations to exploit prescribed procedures to managing the employment relationship. The South African labour law seeks to ensure adherence to a progressive disciplinary approach that is corrective in nature as opposed to that which is punitive to ensure fairness in tackling infractions. It becomes of paramount importance, therefore, for organisations to exploit all legal remedies available at their disposal. At STADI we propagate for a Behavioralist approach to managing employment relationship where organisations foster a participatory culture in which employees are actively involved in the correction of their unacceptable behavior and the employer plays a constructive role to prevent similar behavior in future, this in turn ensures a harmonious work environment to work in. Our service include:

-Establish recognition agreements with the majority Trade Union(s).
-Develop/review Grievance/Disciplinary Code and Policy
-Capacitate union officials and managerial staff
-Plan and prepare for disciplinary enquiries.
-Chair disciplinary enquiries.
-Represent clients at CCMA/Bargaining Councils