Human Resources Administration

Systems run organisations!!

It is vital that you introduce world-class, state of the art practices in your firm from inception, to stay abreast of the abruptness and changes within the business environment. The use of futuristic practices should always be a prioritised by all businesses that seek to stay ahead of the international competition within the free market system encapsulating our trading environment. Competition does not absolve any trading entity in its path.

Whether your entity is in its start-up phase, SMME or a large conglomerate, maintaining an employee database and records system will ensure compliance with the many labour regulations in place while adhering to such quality standards as ISO9001.

At STADI we find the presentation of high levels of professionalism fascinating and encourage streamlining all HR activities into a single skills inventory to allow for efficiency of accessing employee information. To achieve this, we ensure the existence of the following key deliverables:

  • HR Planning and development/review of organisational structure
  • Determine minimum conditions of service

          Drafting of Employment Contracts

          Job Descriptions

          Letters of employment/ appointments

          Salary advices

          Termination records

          Develop Records policies

  • Administer induction/orientation programmemes and orientation packs.

  • Compile and Maintain Employee files with the following:

          Application blanks

          Interview scores

          Disciplinary history

          Training and development/skills inventory

          Career progression

          Performance rating history

  • Conditions of services

          Capture Leave record.

          Keep Attendance record

          Issuing of salary advices