Contemporary organizations are steadily realizing the value that effective management of human resources adds to maintaining a competitive edge in the 21st century business world of work. Companies now realise the impact that human behaviour has on their strategic objectives and the strategic role that Human Resources play in aligning these behaviors to overall corporate strategy. This is particularly true in the age of information technology where organisations seek sophisticated ways of production. This, once again, places the human resources function at a centre-stage as organsitations look for answers to modern day challenges that engulf their environments. The sophisticated and professional management of human capital is crucial to ensure that organisations are able to attain their strategic goals, stay competitive and adjust to the ever-changing environment. 

We are a premier, research-oriented, human resources consultancy strategically positioned tackling behavioral manifesting in the 21st century business world of work. Our passion lies in development of leadership capacity within our SMME, corporate and government clients by providing functional and staff support. One of our main concern is ensuring meaningful participation of historically disadvantaged individuals from rural environments in the mainstream economy, the women, the youth and people living with disabilities with the view to fostering organizational productivity and, in turn, economic growth. By fusing research, the nature of which is empirical, and knowledge of Behavioral Science we are best positioned to develop, implement and evaluate interventions thus producing science-backed solutions peculiar to each corporation. We are 100% black owned business concern boasting over 10 years’ experience in different sectors of economy.

STADI is a research-oriented human resources consulting firm whose main aim tackling behavioral anomalies that are prevalent even in the 21st century business world of work. We are a team of behavioral scientists whose specialty lies in the diagnosis of behavioral patterns of the informal, covert aspects of the organisational life. The blended knowledge of behavioral science alongside the study of overt formal structures are in a best position to maximize your firm’s efficiency and effectiveness. Our passion lies in the development of leadership capacity within SMME’s, corporate and government institutions by providing functional and staff support. Research, the bedrock of STADI, is a major aspect which distinguishes us from other institutions in society. We question, theorise, form hypothesis, test those hypotheses and use tested hypotheses as part of teaching, learning and social engagement. Siphiwe is Nguni name for “We are Gifted” meaning our team of specialists are exponents in their respective fields of specialization. It also reflects the depth and the intimacy we harbor about the study of Behavioral Science.


To provide training and development opportunities of highest quality in accordance to the ideals of the Skills Development Act, No. 97 of 1998 and the National Qualifications Framework.


To ensure equal participation in the economy by all citizens, particularly historically disadvantaged individuals including women, youth and people living with disabilities and those in the remotest of rural areas. This is done through being a vehicle to skills development in accordance to the vison espoused National Skills Development Strategy.


  • Provide skills development of high quality in line with the ideals of the National Skills Development Strategy and other key Human Resourced Development policy imperatives of the country.
  • Empowerment of historically disadvantaged individuals in rural areas, including women, youth and people living with disabilities by providing them with skills of highest quality thus placing them in at a better competitive advantage.
  • Benchmark our practices against word-class practices in order to ensure that the learning experience is valuable.


At STADI Academy, we believe in and dedicate ourselves to the following values:

o        To act with integrity and fairness

o        To be accountable for business decisions

o        To demonstrate empathy to learners

o        To apply high quality standards in our practices