Reward & Compensation Management

Contemporary organisations have an important responsibility of strategically positioning themselves to achieving their overall objectives. This feat is attainable through attracting, retaining and engaging employees at all levels within organisations. Furthermore, the advent of such regulations as Wage Act, Sectorial Determination, Income Differentials, Collective Agreements and the many salary disputes have made it incumbent upon companies to have pay structures and policies that ensure compliance legal requirements while keeping motivated and engaged.
As Reward Specialists we are best positioned to help organisations design, develop and implement of reward strategies, policies and processes tailored to support organisational and HR strategy. This is achieved through implementing best reward strategies that ensure internal and external comparability and consistency which in turn foster a conducive work environment and drive organizational performance towards desired outcomes.

Through an engagement with all stakeholders involved we are poised to help client organisations:

-Identify and analyze the needs of the business by conducting research into remuneration trends and best practices
-Analyze the business requirements in terms of a total remuneration philosophy, strategy and policy
-Ensure that appropriate change management interventions are adopted for implementation of new products, policies, practices, systems and processes
-Ensure the total remuneration approach includes sound job evaluation methodology and process
-Conduct job evaluations for all levels
-Negotiate and agree with key survey houses on the contractual agreement for survey participation
-Research and benchmark best practice in employee benefits. Prepare final recommendations for approval and act as policy custodian for benefit policies.
-Ensure governance over the remuneration function across the company