Job Analysis

The value of Human Resource as a strategic partner in organizational planning process in order to compete effectively in the cut-throat global trading environment has taken a centre-stage once more. Job analysis is a consequence of Human Resources planning the culmination of which is Job Descriptions and Job Specifications. This process is a catalyst and precursor for all HR activities in the organization. Corporates, Government and SMMEs

To be effective at this, firms must retain services of an experienced Job Analyst. STADI prides itself in being one of a few people’s professions firms that still appreciate the empirical approach involved in of conducting a job analysis process. To achieve this, we:

– Engage and empower employees in the process
– Conduct a systematic study of all jobs in the organization
– Determine method(s)of data collection
– Collect job information
– Process information into job descriptions and job specifications
– Design/redesign jobs
– Develop/redevelop organograms
– Review and update the job analysis process