Human Resources Administration

We help streamline HR function practices, policies and procedures for our SMMEs, Corporate, and Government clients by developing and maintaining a personnel records system in support of a corporation’s vision, mission and objectives. By reevaluating and reviewing existing databases we seek to ensure compliance with existing trends and labour regulations.

To achieve this, we ensure the existence of the following key deliverables:

HR Planning and development/review of organizational structure
Determine minimum conditions of service
– Drafting of Employment Contracts
– Job Descriptions
– Letters of employment/ appointments
– Salary advices
– Termination records
– Develop Records policies

Compile and Maintain Employee files with the following:

– Application blanks
– Interview scores
– Disciplinary history
– Training and development/skills inventory
– Career progression
– Performance rating history

Conditions of services

– Capture Leave record.
– Keep Attendance record
– Issuing of salary advices

Administer induction/orientation programmes and orientation packs.